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High Jump

The Competition

1. The competitor shall take off from one foot.

2. A competitor fails if:

(a)After the jump, the bar does not remain on the supports

because of the action of the competitor whilst jumping; or

(b)He touches the ground including the landing area beyond the

plane of the nearer edge of the uprights, either between or

outside the uprights with any part of his body, without first

clearing the bar. However, if when he jumps, a competitor

touches the landing area with his foot and in the opinion of the

Judge, no advantage is gained, the jump for that reason should

not be considered as failure.

The Runway and Take-off Area

3. The minimum length of the runway shall be 15m but where 

conditions permit, the minimum length should be 25m.

4. The maximum overall inclination of the runway and take-off area

shall not exceed 1:250 in the direction of the centre of the crossbar.

5. The take-off area shall be level.


6. Uprights. Any style of uprights or posts may be used, provided

they are rigid.

They shall have supports for the crossbar firmly fixed to them.

They shall be sufficiently tall as to exceed the actual height to

which the crossbar is raised by at least 10cm.

The distance between the uprights shall be not less than 4.00m nor

more than 4.04m.

7. The uprights or posts shall not be moved during the competition

unless the Referee considers that either the take-off or landing area

has become unsuitable.

In such a case the change shall be made only after a round has been


8. Supports for Crossbar. The supports shall be flat and rectangular,

4cm wide and 6cm long. They shall be firmly fixed to the uprights

during the jump and shall each face the opposite upright. The ends

of the crossbar shall rest on them in such a manner that, if the

crossbar is touched by a competitor, it will easily fall to the ground,

either forwards or backwards.

The supports may not be covered with rubber or with any other

material which has the effect of increasing the friction between

them and the surface of the crossbar, nor may they have any kind of


9. There shall be a space of at least 1cm between the ends of the

crossbar and the uprights.

The Landing Area

10.The landing area should measure not less than 5mx3m.

Note: The uprights and landing area should also be designed so

that there is a clearance of at least 10cm between them when in use,

to avoid displacement of the crossbar through a movement of the

landing area causing contact with the uprights.