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Throwing the Javelin

The Competition

1. (a)The javelin shall be held at the grip. It shall be thrown over the shoulder or upper part of the throwing arm and shall not be

slung or hurled. Non-orthodox styles are not permitted.

(b)A throw shall be valid only if the tip of the metal head strikes the ground before any other part of the javelin.

(c)At no time during the throw, until the javelin has been discharged into the air, may the competitor turn completely

around, so that his back is towards the throwing arc.

2. If the javelin breaks during a throw or while in the air, it shall not count as a foul throw, provided the attempt was made in accordance

with this Rule. If the competitor thereby loses his balance and contravenes any part of this Rule, it shall not be counted as a foul throw.

The Javelin

3. Construction. The javelin shall consist of three parts: a head, a shaft and a cord grip. The shaft shall be constructed completely of metal,

or of another suitable homogeneous material, and shall have fixed to it a metal head terminating in a sharp point.

The surface of the shaft shall have no dimples or pimples, grooves or ridges, holes or roughness, and the finish shall be smooth and

uniform throughout.

Note: If a javelin head is constructed such that a reinforced tip is

welded on to the end of the head, it shall be considered legal

provided the head is smooth and uniform along the whole of its


The grip, which shall cover the centre of gravity, shall not exceed the diameter of the shaft by more than 8mm. It may have a regular

non-slip pattern surface but without thongs, notches or indentations of any kind. The grip shall be of uniform thickness.

The cross-section shall be regularly circular throughout (see Note 1). The maximum diameter of the shaft shall be immediately in

front of the grip. The central portion of the shaft, including the part under the grip, may be cylindrical or slightly tapered towards the

rear but in no case may the reduction in diameter, from immediately in front of the grip to immediately behind, exceed 0.25mm. From

the grip, the javelin shall taper regularly to the tip at the front and the tail at the rear. The longitudinal profile from the grip to the front

tip and to the tail shall be straight or slightly convex (see Note 2), and there shall be no abrupt alteration in the overall diameter,

except immediately behind the head and at the front and rear of the grip, throughout the length of the javelin. At the rear of the head, the

reduction in the diameter may not exceed 2.5mm and this departure from the longitudinal profile requirement may not extend more than

300mm behind the head.

Note 1: Whilst the cross section should be circular, a maximum

6. The javelin shall conform to the following specifications:

  Senior and junior Men U17 Men U15 men and women
  Min Max Min Max Min  Max
Weight 800g   700g   600g  
Length 260cm 270cm 230cm 240cm 220cm 230cm
Length of metal head 25cm 33cm 25cm 33cm 25cm 33cm
Distance from tip of metal head to centre of gravity 90cm 106cm 83cm 99cm 80cm 95cm
Diameter at thickest point 25mm 30mm 23mm 28mm 20mm 25mm
Width of whipcord 15cm 16cm 15cm 16cm 14cm 15cm


7. The javelin shall have no mobile parts or other apparatus, which during the throw could change its centre of gravity or throwing characteristics.

8. The tapering of the javelin to the tip of the metal head shall be such that the angle of the point shall be not more than 40. The diameter,

at a point 150mm from the tip, shall not exceed 80% of the maximum diameter of the shaft. At the midpoint between the centre

of gravity and the tip of the metal head, the diameter shall not exceed 90% of the maximum diameter of the shaft.

9. The tapering of the shaft to the tail at the rear shall be such that the diameter, at the midpoint between the centre of gravity and the tail,

shall not be less than 90% of the maximum diameter of the shaft. At a point 150mm from the tail, the diameter shall be not less than

40% of the maximum diameter of the shaft. The diameter of the shaft at the end of the tail shall not be less than 3.5mm.