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Steeplechase Races

1. The standard distances shall be 2000m and 3000m.

2. There shall be 28 hurdle jumps and 7 water jumps included in the 3000m event, and 18 hurdle jumps and 5 water jumps in the 2000m


3. For the 3000m event, there shall be five jumps in each complete lap with the water jump as the fourth. The jumps shall be evenly

distributed, so that the distance between the jumps shall be approximately one fifth of the nominal length of the lap.

4. In the 3000m event, the distance from the start to the beginning of the first lap shall not include any jumps, the hurdles being removed

until the competitors have entered the first lap.

5. The hurdles shall be 0.914m high for men's events and 0.762m for women's events (3mm both) and shall be at least 3.96m wide. The

section of the top bar of the hurdles, and the hurdle at the water jump, shall be 12.7cm square.

The top bars should be painted with white and black stripes, or with other distinctive contrasting colours, such that the lighter stripes,

which should be at least 22.5cm wide, are on the outside. The weight of each hurdle shall be between 80kg and 100kg. Each

hurdle shall have on either side a base between 1.20m and 1.40m. The hurdle shall be placed on the track so that 30cm of the top bar

will extend inside the inner edge of the track.

Note: It is recommended that the first hurdle taken in the race should be at least 5m in width.

6. The water jump, including the hurdle, shall be 3.66m ( 2cm) in length for men and 3.06m ( 2cm) for women and 3.66m ( 2cm) in

The water shall be level with the track surface and at the hurdle end shall be 70cm deep for approximately 30cm. From this point the

bottom shall have a regular slope upwards to the level of the track at the farther end of the water jump.

The hurdle shall be firmly fixed in front of the water and be of the same height as the others in the competition.

To ensure safe landing of the competitors, the bottom of the water jump shall be covered at the further end with a suitable material, at

least 3.66m wide and 2.50m long, the thickness of which should not exceed 2.5 cm.

7. Each competitor shall go over or through the water and anyone who steps to the one side or other of the jump or trails his foot or leg

below the horizontal plane of the top of any hurdle at the instant of clearance shall be disqualified. Provided this Rule is observed, a

competitor may go over each hurdle in any manner.