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Putting the Shot

The Competition

1. The shot shall be put from the shoulder with one hand only. At the time the competitor takes a stance in the circle to commence a put,

the shot shall touch or be in close proximity to the neck or the chin and the hand shall not be dropped below this position during the

action of putting. The shot shall not be taken behind the line of the shoulders.

The Stop Board

2. Construction. The board shall be white and made of wood or other suitable material in the shape of an arc so that the inner edge

coincides with the inner edge of the circle. It shall be placed mid-way between the sector lines, and be so made that it can be firmly

fixed to the ground.

3. Measurements. The board shall measure 11.2cm to 30cm wide, 1.22m (1cm) long on the inside, and 10cm (2mm) high in relation

to the level of the inside of the circle.

The Shot

4. Construction. The shot shall be of solid iron, brass or any metal not softer than brass, or a shell of such metal filled with lead or other material. It shall be spherical in shape and its surface shall have no roughness and the finish shall be smooth.

5. It shall conform to the following specifications:

Senior men Junior men U17 men U15 Men, Senior and junior women U13 men, U15, and U13 women
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
Weight 7.26kg 6.25kg 5kg 4kg 3.25kg
Diameter 110mm 130mm 106mm 126mm 100mm 120mm 95mm 110mm