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Combined Events Competitions

MEN (Pentathlon and Decathlon)

1. The Pentathlon consists of five events which shall be held on one day in the following order: long jump; javelin; 200m; discus; and 1500m.

2. The Decathlon consists of ten events which shall be held on two consecutive days in the following order:

First day 100m; long jump; shot put; high jump and 400m.

Second day 110m hurdles; discus; pole vault; javelin and 1500m.

WOMEN (Heptathlon)

3. The Heptathlon consists of seven events, which shall be held on two consecutive days in the following order:

First day 100m hurdles; high jump; shot put; 200m.

Second day long jump; javelin; 800m.


4. At the discretion of the Combined Events Referee, there shall, whenever possible, be an interval of at least 30 minutes between the time one event ends and the next event begins, for any individual athlete. If possible, the time between the finish of the last event on the first day and the start of the first event on the second day should be at least 10 hours.

5. The order of competing may be drawn before each separate event. In the 100m, 200m, 400m, 100m hurdles and 110m hurdles events,

the competitors compete in groups as decided by the Technical Delegate, so that preferably five or more competitors but never less

than three are in each Group. In the last event of Combined Event Competition, the heats should be arranged so that one group contains the leading competitors after the penultimate event. With this exception, the heats for the next event may be drawn as, and when, competitors become available

from the previous event. The Combined Events Referee shall have the authority to rearrange any group if, in his opinion, it is desirable.

6. The IAAF Rules for each event constituting the competition will apply with the following exceptions:

(a)in the long jump and each of the throwing events, each competitor shall be allowed three trials only.

(b)each competitor's time shall be taken by three timekeepers independently. Alternatively, times may be recorded by a fully automatic timing device.

(c)in the track events, a competitor shall be disqualified in any event in which he has made three false starts.

7. Only one system of timing may be applied throughout each event. However, for record purposes, times obtained from a fully automatic Photo Finish system shall be applied regardless of whether such times are available for other competitors in the event.

8. Any athlete failing to attempt to start or make a trial in one of the events shall not be allowed to take part in the subsequent events but

shall be considered to have abandoned the competition. He shall not, therefore, figure in the final classification. Any competitor deciding to withdraw from a Combined Events Competition shall immediately inform the Combined Events Referee of his decision.

9. The scores, according to the current IAAF Scoring Tables, shall be announced, separate for each event and as a cumulative total, to all

competitors after the completion of each event. The winner shall be the competitor who has obtained the highest total number of points.

10.In the event of a tie, the winner shall be the competitor who, in the greater number of events, has received more points than the other

competitor(s) tying. If this does not resolve the tie, the winner shall be the competitor who has the highest number of points in any one

event. This shall also apply to ties for any other place in the competition.