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Hurdle Races

1. Distances. The following are the standard distances:

Men and Boys: 110m, 400m Women and Girls: 100m, 400m

There shall be ten flights of hurdles in each lane, set out in accordance with the following table:

Race distance Distance from start line to 1st hurdle Distance between hurdles Distance from last hurdle to finish
100 13m 8.5m 10.5m
110 13.72m 9.14m 14.02m
400 45m 35m 40m

Each hurdle shall be so placed on the track that the feet shall be on the side of the approach by the competitor. The hurdle shall be so

placed so that the edge of the bar nearest the approaching hurdler coincides with the track marking nearest the athlete.


2. The hurdles shall be made of metal or some other suitable material with the top bar of wood or other suitable material. They shall

consist of two feet and two uprights supporting a rectangular frame, reinforced by one or more cross bars, the uprights to be fixed at the

extreme end of each base. The hurdle shall be of such a design that a force at least equal to the weight of 3.6kg applied to the centre of

the top edge of the top bar is required to overturn it. The hurdle may be adjustable in height for each event. The counterweights shall be

adjustable so that at each height a force at least equal to the weight of 3.6kg and not more than 4kg is required to overturn it.


3. The standard heights of the hurdles shall be:

Men Boys Women Girls

100m 1.067m 0.914m 110m 0.840m 0.762m

400m 0.914m 0.840m 400m 0.762m 0.762m

The width of the hurdles shall be from 1.18m to 1.20m.

The maximum length of the base shall be 70cm.

The total weight of the hurdles shall be not less than 10kg.

In each case there shall be a tolerance allowance of 3mm, above and below the standard heights, to allow for variation in the manufacture.

4. The width of the top bar shall be 7cm. The thickness of this bar should be between 1cm and 2.5cm, and the top edges should be

rounded. The bar should be firmly fixed at the extremities.

5. The top bar should be painted with white and black stripes, or with other distinctive contrasting colours, such that the lighter stripes,

which should be at least 22.5cm wide are on the outside.

6. All races shall be run in lanes and each competitor shall keep to his own lane throughout.

7. A competitor who trails his foot or leg below the horizontal plane of the top of any hurdle at the instant of clearance, or jumps any hurdle

not in his own lane, or in the opinion of the Referee deliberately knocks down any hurdle by hand or foot, shall be disqualified.

8. Except as provided in paragraph 7, the knocking down of hurdles shall not result in disqualification nor prevent a record being made.

9. For a World Record all hurdles must comply with the specifications of this Rule.